Professional Property Trading | Acquired over £20 Million of Property in 12 Months

This webinar features Cormac Henderson, Founder of National Property Trade.

The Property Investors Awards have teamed up with Cormac Henderson (founder of National Property Trade) to put together this informative and interactive webinar for experienced and aspiring property traders. National Property Trade has traded hundreds of property deals. Cormac was the winner of Property Trader of the Year at the Property Investors Awards 2017.

Topics that were discussed include:

– How National Property Trade has managed to purchase over £20 million of residential property in 12 months
– The complexities of high volume property trading
– The future of property trading in the UK
– How you can prepare for the future of property trading

* No products, courses, or mentorships are associated with this webinar. It is for information purposes only.
* Webinar disclaimer

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