Celebrating Excellence in Sustainable Property Development at the Property Investors Awards

sustainability in property

As the world is faced with pressing challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability, the real estate sector stands at a significant crossroads. At the Property Investors Awards, we recognise that the future of property development depends on our ability to innovate and prioritise eco-friendly practices.  This is why we are thrilled to introduce our […]

The Deal Behind Property Development of the Year (above £1 million)

With a combined experience of more than 26 years in property, husband and wife team Manni and Romey Chopra have now achieved Property Development of the Year (above £1 million) at the Property Investors Awards. The site which won them the award saw them transform an ex-Royal British Legion site built in the 1950s into […]

Official Judging Day Sponsor Announced – Shawbrook Bank

Judging Day Sponsor - Shawbrook Bank

We are delighted to announce Shawbrook Bank as our Official Judging Day Sponsor for the 2023 Property Investors Awards. Shawbrook Bank is well known for their specialist lending in the Property investment sector and their commitment to supporting property investors, even through these turbulent economic times. We look forward to unlocking the true potential of […]

Property Trader of The Year | Saif Derzi

Saif Derzi - Property Trader of The Year

In 2015, Saif Derzi bought his first property, he then went on to buy 2 more properties in 2017 and incorporated his property investment and trading business in 2018. Fast forward 5 years and he has bought and sold over 160 properties within SDGB Properties. Saif first entered the property world when he set out […]

Unlocking Profitability Through Integrating Sustainability In Your Property Investments

Green Property Tree

Written by Dr Veronica Broomes LLM, PhD (Sustainability & Low Carbon Advisor) – This article introduces what sustainability means, its relevance to property investments and link between sustainability (multiple pillars) and property investments. An overview is given of how relevant facets of sustainability can be integrated into property investment decisions, either at the start or further […]

Property Developer of the Year | Sanmi Adegoke

Property Developer of the Year - Sanmi Adegoke

The former court and police station, named ‘The Hill Hub’ in Dartford, now a multi-purpose facility for the community, is a testament to Sanmi’s visionary approach. The facility includes a place of worship, private offices, an in-house café, a co-working section, and a barber’s shop. Even the former prison cells have been transformed into private […]

HMO Property Deal of the Year | Chopra Property Group

HMO Property Deal of the Year

In 2010, Manni Chopra took a sabbatical to pursue a career in property. She set up her own business, Chopra Property Group, which has now acquired property worth more than £5 million in London and the South East. Manni first ventured into property when she secured two HMOs in 2011 in Bracknell using some savings. […]

Official Legal Sponsor Announced – Ronald Fletcher Baker

Official Legal Sponsor - Ronald Fletcher Baker

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ronald Fletcher Baker as the Official Legal Sponsor for the 2023 Property Investors Awards. We are delighted to be partnering with such a highly regarded law firm in the property investment community, and are keen to explore the many ways in which the partnership can add value […]

Co-Living Deal of the Year | Scott Baker Properties

Co-Living Deal of the Year | Property Investors Awards

Matt first began investing in HMOs in 2016, before joining Niall in a joint venture on their first BTL that same year, when they first identified the lack of high quality, well-designed, well-managed co-living HMOs. In just four years, Matt and Niall had built up a successful portfolio of 96 rental units worth nearly £5 […]