Official Judging Day Sponsor Announced – Shawbrook Bank

Judging Day Sponsor - Shawbrook Bank

We are delighted to announce Shawbrook Bank as our Official Judging Day Sponsor for the 2023 Property Investors Awards. Shawbrook Bank is well known for their specialist lending in the Property investment sector and their commitment to supporting property investors, even through these turbulent economic times. We look forward to unlocking the true potential of […]

Official Legal Sponsor Announced – Ronald Fletcher Baker

Official Legal Sponsor - Ronald Fletcher Baker

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ronald Fletcher Baker as the Official Legal Sponsor for the 2023 Property Investors Awards. We are delighted to be partnering with such a highly regarded law firm in the property investment community, and are keen to explore the many ways in which the partnership can add value […]

Learn from the award winners at the Property Investor Show

Property Investors Awards is teaming up with the Property Investor Show to put together an exciting panel of three of its award winners on Saturday 13 April 2019. Most people know that property investors will face challenges in 2019. That’s why it’s essential to learn from and be inspired by those property investors who are winning in […]


HMO Landlords Under Siege | The Fightback Begins | Barrister Marcus Croskell The Property Investors Awards have teamed with EA Law – East Anglian Chambers to put together this informative and interactive webinar for aspiring and established HMO Landlords. This webinar was hosted by Cyril Thomas with special guest Marcus Croskell who is an experienced […]