Winners Of The Property Investors Awards 2023 Announced

Property Investors Award 2023

Now in its eleventh year, the prestigious Property Investors Awards 2023, organised by the Property Investors Bureau, was hosted at the Intercontinental Park Lane on December 2nd. This yearly black-tie event brings together the leaders of the property investment world for an evening of recognition, celebration, and networking. Nominees, finalists, sponsors and judges are honoured, with the winners highlighted for their exceptional contributions across various categories.

Property Investors Awards 2023

This years’ gala soirée, our biggest ever, was attended by industry leaders from across the Property Investment world and gave attendees not only valuable insights and learns, but the opportunity to make invaluable new connections to help them achieve their goals in 2024.

Many thanks must go to the sponsors of this years’ event, whose unwavering support and commitment made the Property Investors Awards 2023 such a resounding success. Their partnership and dedication to driving innovation and excellence in property investment are deeply appreciated.

We must also extend our deep gratitude to our experienced panel of judges, recognised throughout the industry for their expertise, who rigorously evaluated submissions, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment process. Their dedication and impartiality ensures the prestige and value of the Property Investors Awards keeps growing yearly.

Following this years’ event at the Intercontinental Park Lane we then hosted an exclusive VIP after-party at 42 Albemarle Street. This served as a grand finale to the Property Investors Awards 2023 and provided an extraordinary networking opportunity for all who attended.

“This year we saw a significant improvement in the quality of applications. It’s well known that our Awards have the toughest application process out there which is why even reaching the finalist stage is a huge achievement in itself. Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to supporting each and everyone of them throughout the year ahead. As always, I’d like to thank all of our partners, judges, and sponsors for helping to make this year’s awards such an outstanding success and we look forward to celebrating with you all again at the Property Investors Awards 2024.” Chairman of the Awards, Cyril Thomas

Shaw Brook Bank - Daryl Norkett and Lee Williams
Sponsors and Partners of this year’s Awards included, Shawbrook Bank, Ronald Fletcher Baker,, Horner Blakey Insurance, CPC Finance, Property Investor Show and Clive Emson Auctioneers.


1. SSAS Property Investor of the Year – Kate Spanier – Osborne Private Equity Ltd SSAS
2. HMO Property Deal of the Year (6 or less rooms) – Sam Patel – Omnia Group of Companies
3. HMO Property Deal of the Year (over 6 rooms) – Sam Patel – Omnia Group of Companies
4. HMO Property Investor of the Year – Sam Patel – Omnia Group of Companies
5. Property Deal of the Year – Marc Turnier, Andy Graham, Mike Clay & Paula Corell – Arcvelop Investor Group
6. Property Developer of the Year – Phil Melia – Winter Melia Group
7. Property Investor of the Year – Sam Patel – Omnia Group of Companies
8. Property Trader of the Year – James Durr and Ruban Selvanayagam – Property Solvers
9. New Property Investor of the Year – Mo El Moudallal – E&L Homes
10. Property Development of the Year – Romey and Manni Chopra – Chopra Property Group
11. Young Property Investor of the Year – Emma Fielding – Emma Property Developments Ltd
12. Commercial Development of the Year – Sam Carter – SJC Property Developments

Click here to view more information about each of the winners.


Helen Chorley – Founder – Property Sisters: “The Property Investor Awards continues its remarkable journey, reaching new heights every year. Notably again this year, the surge in female applicants has been a beacon of progress, highlighting the increasing diversity and dynamism within the industry. As a proud judge and honoured host of this prestigious event, I am delighted to witness the remarkable achievements of all the applicants and nominees across so many categories. The commitment to recognizing excellence, coupled with the rising participation of women in this space, underlines the Awards’ commitment to inclusivity and innovation. I am thrilled to be a part of this process each year and the awards evening acknowledging the outstanding contributions to the world of property investment from new comers and old hands alike.”

Helen Chorley, Mike Bristow, and Rory O'Mara

Rory O Mara – CEO & Founder – Closed Bridging Finance: “ were thrilled to serve as judges for the Property Investors Awards and were deeply impressed by the ingenuity and dedication of the UK’s property investment community. The breadth of innovative strategies and the commitment to excellence were truly inspiring. Throughout the judging process, we were particularly impressed by the use of creative financing solutions and the focus on sustainable development practices. These elements demonstrated the forward-thinking approach of the industry’s leading players. We extend our congratulations to the award winners. We are proud to have been part of a celebration that recognises and honours the exceptional achievements of the UK’s property investment sector.”

Jay Howard – Hammered: “The experience of being a judge from start to finish is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It starts by not knowing the quanta of the quality of the applications and the applicants themselves. Then you review and judge the applications and some of the very intelligently structured deals and projects really do stick in your mind. Then comes the awards dinner, and you find yourself in the same position as the finalists, you have no idea who the winner is. I find myself learning so much from the applications, and really enjoying the awards celebration.”

Karl Griggs – CPC Finance: “It was good to see the work done behind the scenes throughout the year come to fruition and be involved in the judging days to see so many great applications. The event at the end of the year highlights the quality of all the participants and level of expertise required to be a winner. The winners have earned the right to include the award on their marketing and advertising going forward.”

Jason Ellis – Horner Blakey: On Judging day it has been amazing to witness and see what some people and businesses have achieved in recent years but more importantly the inspiration it is providing to those who can follow in the footsteps of previous winners or carve out their own path. As we set our sights on 2024 I would encourage people and businesses to submit their applications, ‘you have to be in it, to win it’ you won’t know if you have an award winning application until you submit it. Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Awards and fingers crossed for a better 2024.

For media inquiries or additional information Property Investors Awards, email or call 01206 700 123.

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