Editorial Guidelines

The Property Investors Awards publishes premium content throughout the year online and once a year in print through our awards magazine / programme. This content goes directly to the highest caliber of property investors along with an online email distribution to over 160,000 investors.

To ensure your editorial content falls within our guidelines please take the time to read through how text should be structured and presented to ensure maximum interaction and engagement with our readers.

After this you may proceed to submit your editorial content


Editorial content must place the needs of our audience first. We are committed to giving  high-quality, professional and original content. Our audience expects content created with adequate spelling, grammar and ethical standards.

Audience Examples:

  • Content is directed towards individuals within the UK property industry who are looking for technical but digestible content.
  • Content appeals directly to decision makers in varying areas of the UK property industry


The Property Investors Awards features content and topics that directly relates to our audience. Topics must be directly related to UK property investors, whether it be an experience that an investor may enjoy or a topic that relates to day-to-day business.

Topic Examples

  • Preparing for property trends in the year ahead
  • The most luxurious places property investors are visiting this year
  • Exclusive Interview: Raising capital for property investment
  • VAT on property: what to look out for


All editorial content published with the Property Investors Awards follows a formal and professional tone. A formal tone works to establish the respect from the audience and suggests that the writer is serious about his or her topic.

Tone Examples

  • Formal, professional and consistent tone
  • Focus on the content not the product, with a little use of pronouns such as “you” or “your”.
  • For full examples of our tone please look at previous content on our website. 


The length of your content will vary based on the type of publication. Online content must always be 800 words minimum whereas word count for printed content will be pre discussed with the editor before you start to write.

Imagery and media

Images play a key part in creating engaging content for our audience. You must submit at least one piece of high quality imagery in the largest dimensions possible. For content that goes to print we may provide imagery for you, however this too will be pre discussed.

Author Bylines

We also request that all authors, whether it be online or print, provide us with a professional 300 word, third person biography and a single high quality headshot photo of themselves. (This may or may not be used.)


For online content we allow for one nofollow link within the content. If you would like a follow link a small admin fee may be applied. Content published through print is allowed approved call to actions however all links will be placed under the author’s name.

Content Uniqueness

All content provided must be unique and not published elsewhere online or in print. If you wish to syndicate your content online please tag the post as canonical, and include this mention: “Originally published on the Property Investor Awards” with a link to the original content / website.

Community Participation

Authors are required to participate and interact with the community once their content has been published. This is done by sharing it with their audience and responding to comments or queries directed towards them.


Stay Informed

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  • Updates from the Property Investors Awards
  • Award winning property investment strategies